Upcoming Leagues

Registration for Summer 2015 Leagues begins March 16th!!!!. Check out our Leagues page to find out what nights we have openings for teams.

-Back again for the summer ONLY!!!  If sunday is your second league fee you will be discounted 50% on that nights fee instead of just 20%!  The discount is applied per player not per team


Registration for Summer 2015 League, for those not currently playing in Winter 2015 League, commences March 16, 2015.

Existing Winter 2015 League teams can guarantee their spot for the Summer2015 League by registering anytime before March 16, 2015.

On March 16, 2015, the Summer league opens to any and all interested teams.

For more info on leagues and to register, click on the Leagues button at the top of this site.

Monday Night~Women's 4B-Div 1; Women's 4B-Div 2; Coed 6B; Coed 6C
Tuesday Night ~Coed 4B; Men's 4B-Div1; Men's 4B-Div2
Wednesday Night ~ Coed 4B; Coed 6B; Coed 6C

Thursday Night ~ Coed 4B-Div 1;  Coed 4B-Div 2; NEW! Coed 6's C
Sunday Night ~ Coed 4B; Coed 6B; Coed 6C


Winter  Drop-In   January 4th-April 30th

Players make the teams based on who shows up. New people are welcome. Space is limited. You have to call ahead for ANY drop in to guarantee your spot or you may be disappointed.

COED 4's B Sunday @ 3:30pm-5pm

COED 4's or 6's B/C Monday Nights @ 5pm-6pm

COED 4's B Tuesday Nights @ 11pm-12:30am

COED 4's or 6's B/C Wednesday Nights @ 5pm-6pm

COED 4's B Thursday Nights @ 11pm-12:30am

Cost is $9.50/Person.

Savings! Buy a 10 pass for $80.00

Phone & Email:




120 Weston Street - London Ontario - N6C 1R4 


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday -. Open at 5pm (* or earlier with a reservation, school trip or corporate event)

Saturday & Sunday - Open at 3pm (* or earlier with a reservation, school trip or corporate event)