Winter 2023-The Last Beach Season at SPIKE’S. Please Enjoy.

Tough news to read. My apologies. SPIKE’S will close its doors and courts in May 2023 once Winter 2023 league playoffs are completed. We have had a great run here at SPIKE’S. Something to be very proud of.   

Many thanks to all the great people that have come through our doors since March 1997. So many players that became friends, employees that became family, family that became employees, players that eventually got married, started families etc. etc. So many positives to look back on and smile. Please keep the SPIKE’S memories alive.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of your weekly fun and social getaway for the last 26+ years. We will always be proud of what we built, what we accomplished and contributed to the community.

SPIKE’S business will not be sold and is not for sale. The entire building at 120 Weston Street will be torn down to make way for future housing. We do wish there was somewhere else in the city that could host and support our operations. There just isn’t unfortunately. We have searched for a new suitable location for many years.

Please enjoy this last season like it was your first season. Use up those 10 passes! A facility retirement party is in the works for early May. Details to follow in time. Keep checking our website for more info and details.

Know that your continued support and understanding at this time is greatly appreciated. Take care. Earl.