Tues May 16-6-11pm-Staff Appreciation Night, Drop In & Garage Sale. Stop in if you can.

Tough writing these words…..Our final day open for business is Tuesday May 16,2023. Hard to believe this day will come. We will go out with a fun night planned here at SPIKE’S. Owners tending bar , our employee group having fun. All tips to being given to our employees. It’s a great way to say thanks to our team that has worked so hard to make every night here at SPIKE’S a great night. We are going to run TWO drop in events on Tuesday night, May 16,2023. 6:30-8pm, 8:30-10pm. Registration for these two drop in events will open up at noon on Tues.May 16,2023. Drop in Cost-$14 or 10pass accepted. Can only sign up for one drop in and space is limited. See the registration section of our website for more details.  All Tuesday Drop in proceeds to be given to our employees. Garage Sale-There will be lots on display for sale. Everything in the facility must go so if you are interested in something, stop in on Tuesday and make us an offer. Selling the SPIKE’S lounge chairs for $23 each and all chair proceeds to be given to our employees.  We have added a fun “Property of SPIKE’S” sticker to these chairs to distinguish them from regular patio chairs. lol. A fun keepsake.  Hope we see you on Tuesday. Thanks for everything. Cheers. Earl.