League Info


Spike’s Indoor Beach Volleyball is a fun way to stay active this fall while having a great time with your friends, family, and coworkers. We offer a full service bar/lounge, kitchen, and of course- 4 beach courts!

Fall 2020 has our teams playing from August 30th to mid December, with a possible two additional weeks for playoffs.      *Registration for any and all teams is on NOW and will run for the next 4 weeks Mon-Friday between the hours of 2:45pm-7pm. All registration will be done over the phone with credit card payments, the facility will not be open for drop in payments.


Fall 2020 League Fees:  $925/team includes HST            

Teams must be paid in full before the league starts to be added to the schedule.  Teams will not be put into a league schedule until they are paid in full, if a team is not paid in full they may lose their spot.  

-Team deposit is $462.50 and is due at sign up, remaining fees are due in full by August 14th.

-Fall 2020 League will begin the week of Sunday August 30th.

Sunday teams will not play Sept 6th or Oct 11th. Last week will be December 20th (playoffs finals)

Monday teams will not play Sept 7th but will play Oct 12th.  Last week will be December 21st (playoffs finals)

-Tuesday teams last week will be December 22nd (playoffs finals)

-Wednesday teams last week will be December 23rd (playoffs finals)

-Thursday teams last week will be December 17th (playoffs finals)

*Play 3 consecutive games in one night (1 hour of play).
*Teams referee their own games. (we provide refs for the first 2 weeks of leagues for new teams)
*All teams make playoffs.

*We will not have refs for playoffs on every court.  You have reffed yourselves all season, so we are going to have you ref yourselves for playoffs as well.  We are going to have 1 dedicated staff member out on the courts for each playoff night to help with announcements and helping with any rule discrepancies.   


4’s House RULE!! You can not Volley or Set a ball over the net.  Any ball that is volleyed and travels over the net is a dead ball and the point is awarded to the other team.  Any questions please contact Katie Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm

*Games may start any time from 6pm-10pm Monday through Thursday, and 5pm-10pm on Sundays. Special requests will not be taken. We do our best to ensure fairness.

Consider playing in 2 leagues this season and the 2nd league fee is discounted 10%**!
** The 10% discount is applied per player.

  Call Katie at Spike’s! 519-673-6847 Monday to Friday 9am-4:30pm.  She has the answers

 Playing in two leagues? Consider a membership for league fee savings; free clinics and drop-ins.

League Levels:

*4’s B is Competitive.  Division 1 being the highest competitive level (very, very competitive), Division 1.2 is medium competitive (very competitive), Div 2 is the least competitive (competitive) level. (All 4’s divisions minimum of 2 females on the court)

*Coed 6’s B is Competitive. (minimum of 3 females on the court)

*Coed 6’s C is Recreational. (minimum of 3 females on the court)




* There will be limited space for teams in each league for us to stay within the guidelines put forth by the Ministry of health.

Monday Nights: Coed 4B div 1-4 spots, Coed 4’s B div 2-3 spots, Coed 6B-4 spots, Coed 6’s C-4 spots

Tuesday Nights: Men’s 4B Div 1-2 spots, Men’s 4B div 1.2-3 spots,  Men’s 4B div 2-2 spots, Women’s 4B div 1-3 spots, Women’s 4B div 2-4 spots

Wednesday Nights: Coed 4B Div 1-5 spots, Coed 4’s B Div 2-4 spots, Coed 6B-3 spots, Coed 6C-3 spots

Thursday Nights: Coed 4’s B Div 1-2 spotsCoed 4B div 1.2A-4 spots, Coed 4’s B div 1.2B-3 spots, Coed 4B div 2-2 spots

Sunday NightsCoed 4B Div 1-4 spots, Coed 4’s B Div 2-4 spots, Coed 6B-4 spots, Coed 6C Div 1-3 spots, Coed 6’s C Div 2-5 spots

*There is a minimum of 4 teams required in each division*