Drop In Registration

There is no Drop-in on SUPERBOWL Sunday Feb 12,2023. 


Drop In Registration sign up sheet will be available on the bottom of this page starting at 12pm Sunday afternoons.

If it is after 12pm on Sunday and you don’t see the sign up sheet below, start by refreshing your browser. It will let you know if drop in is full.  

if full and you still want to play, continue to check this page  later on Sunday afternoon or early Sunday evening as a spot may open up if someone gives up their spot because they can no longer make it.

The registration  system sends everyone that has registered an email confirming your registration. This email provides a link you can use if you can no longer make drop in. No confirmation email? Don’t panic 🙂 You may have entered your email incorrectly(can’t fix only be more accurate next time) or your email provider may be blocking the email(check your settings). Call SPIKE’S after 6pm if you have any questions or concerns or need to remove yourself but never got a confirmation email to remove yourself.

Every person registering must use their own email. The system won’t let you register two people using the same email.

If by chance you are trying to get the last spot(#31 of 31 spots) and someone else is trying too, whoever submits their info first will get the last spot. 

Good luck. Have fun.

DROP IN is now 3-4:30pm pm Sundays!