Membership Info

Full membership-$445 +HST/person/year.

Are you a regular at drop in who plays in our weekly leagues? A Spike’s membership is a must!

Full membership covers all clinic fees and drop-in.  Full members receive large discounts off of each league fee they join over the course of their yearly membership. 

Here is the breakdown: if each drop in costs $10/ visit, and you play in drop in once per week, the membership fee has paid for itself! Combine this with league discounts ($130 for two leagues/ season) you are saving over $400 each year!
** 1 yearly membership will cover 3 league seasons (each season is approximately 4 months)**

Basic Membership $310+HST/person/year.

Covers all drop-in and clinic fees but no savings on leagues.  Great deal for people interested in drop in a few times a week!

Does your significant other want to play? If you are a member, your partner’s membership is half price.