Frequently Asked Questions

When do we play?

During the week, the games run from 6pm-11pm. Sunday games run from 5pm-10pm.  We unfortunately are not able to accommodate requests for specific game times.  We were getting too many requests making scheduling impossible.  All teams will be given the most even schedule possible for all game times.

How long do we play for each night?

Nightly league matches consist of 3 games to 25 points(27 point cap). Just before the end of the one hour time slot allotted for league matches, a buzzer will sound to announce last serve on all courts. If game 3 is not completed by that time, whoever is winning after the last serve is made, will win game 3 of the match. If the last serve results in a tie, serve one more time to determine a game 3 winner.   Games can not end in a tie.

How long is the season and when can we register?

Summer leagues run from May 1-Labour Day***. Fall leagues run from the day after Labour Day until Christmas. Winter leagues run from Jan 2-April 30. We start accepting team registrations 30 days prior to the league start date (sometimes a week or 2 earlier).

What if I want to play but don’t have a team?

Contact us at SPIKE’S and we will add you to our free agent list. When people ask us if anyone is looking to play on a team, we will pass on your info. We strongly recommend that you start going to drop-ins and clinics. Team captains looking for a player will scout players at clinic and drop-in. It is a great way to have fun, improve your skills and showcase your talents and personality to others around you.

What does recreational co-ed 6’s mean?

Recreational “C” indicates the skill level. This is where teams should begin if they have beginner players and are more interested in having fun than playing competitively. Co-Ed indicates that teams consist of males and females playing together. 6’s is the maximum number of people allowed on the court at 1 time. A minimum of 3 females must be on the court at all times in co-ed 6’s.

What if we want to play at a higher level?

We offer “B+” level and “B” level leagues for teams looking for more competition. “B+” level teams are made up of individuals that have played volleyball for a long period of time and have the desire to play top level players week in and week out. “B” level players want a competitive game but are more interested in having fun than playing top level players week in and week out. We have “B+” and “B” level leagues for Men, Women, and Coed.  (Sometimes not all leagues have all levels available, each season fluctuates depending on registration)

How do I get a team started?

Talk to some friends, co-workers, family members about joining. Check our league info on our site to agree on a day, and division that works for all involved. Let your players know how much it costs and collect their league fees. 

How many players should we have on our roster?

Have as many as you like but we suggest teams of 6 actually have a minimum of 8 players signed up (3-4 females). Co-ed 4’s teams usually have 4 players on the roster with a few reliable spares just in case.

What do we wear while playing?

Shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt or no shirt -you can play in whatever you are comfortable in. You can even wear team t-shirts or company shirts if desired. Most players play in bare feet.

What if I/we do not really know how to play volleyball?

Don’t worry; leagues begin at the recreational level, which means fun is the objective. You have to start somewhere. Players quickly improve and with 6 players on the court there is always someone nearby to help out an errant play.

What if I want to learn how to play or improve my play?

We offer weekly drop in and clinics. Visit the Beach Volleyball section of this website for dates, times and rates. Clinics and Drop in are great for players because you can attend as much or little as you want.

What are the benefits of participating on a team?

Besides being a healthy activity, beach volleyball requires team interaction and communication in a social environment. Company teams get a chance for staff to bond outside of work and share experiences that unite team members.

What if our team wants to practice?

Team members are welcome to attend weekly drop-in and clinics or even rent a court. Visit the Beach Volleyball section of this website for dates, times and rates.

Are there playoffs and prizes?

Yes, the final two weeks of the season is playoffs (all teams qualify) with different prizes every season going to the winning teams.  (we have had beach towels, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, beach blankets to name a few)

How do we reserve a spot?

The only way to guarantee a spot is to pay 50% of the league fee when you sign up. The balance is due usually 2-3 weeks before Week 1 . SPIKE’S offers 1($300) early bird draw each season for teams paid in full in advance. If you know you’re going to play, pay early.

How do we pay?

Payment can be made at SPIKE’S by cash, debit, or credit card (by phone or in person) and etransfer.  We do not accept personal cheques.