League Night-What to Expect

Can’t be said enough……..If you feel sick in any way, be a real team player and stay home.


  • Children are not allowed on the court area during game play. Please arrange for someone to look after them off-site while you play.


  • You can store knapsacks and clothing behind the courts.
  • Your team can pick an empty side of the court to warm up on. Should be warmed up and ready to play 5-7 min after game time. Ie by 6:05pm for a 6pm game time,


  • Do your best to social distance at all times on and off the courts.
  • Captains: Spin the ball for selection of side, serve first or receive first. Spin winner selects first choice ie we will take this side. Then the other team can choose to serve or receive.
  • It is a “Call Your Own” Format. Each team identifies when they have made a foul ie hands, lift. hit the net, went under the net etc, Please be honest. Its only a point.
  • If a call should be made and isn’t , both teams should discuss in a calm respectful manner.
  • This isn’t the Olympics. Everyone should be here to have fun and get some exercise. If you can’t agree on something call a re-serve. Always keep things friendly.
  • Rules for each league are online and we strongly encourage everyone to review them.
  • A Match: You play 3 rally point games per night to 25 points (win by two) with a 27 point cap.
  • Game 3 may not finish on time (by the buzzer). If you hear the buzzer, continue to play out the point.
  • Roll balls under the net (rather than over) when sending the ball back to the other team after a play has ended. We don’t want anyone getting hit in the face by an inaccurate toss.
  • You can’t touch the net or go under the net at anytime. That is a foul and the ball and point go to the other team. Not going under the net is all about player safety. Stay on own side.
  • Whichever team is winning after the point plays out after the buzzer is the game winner. If it is a tie, play, one more serve. We hate ties  
  • All games count towards year end points. There are playoffs after regular season ends (up to two more weeks) and all teams make playoffs.
  • Fill in the score sheets after each game. Circle the game winner and write in.
  • Both captains must initial the score sheet at the end of the night.


  • If you finish early, ask the other team if they want to keep playing to the buzzer sounds(for fun)(optional).
  • Leave the scoresheets and balls at the court.
  • Please leave the court area promptly after the buzzer.
  • If you finish early, and wish to exit the court area, please do not walk in behind another court until the play their has stopped. And move quickly please.   
  • If you want: Use the wash off area to get the sand off your feet, legs, arms. Bring your own towel to dry off.
  • League stats are updated online on a timely basis. Do check that scores have been updated accurately. We do find that scorecards get filled out incorrectly on occasion.


  • Find a table and the server will be with you shortly.
  • Discuss all the plays you made and/or all the plays you missed or just catch up with others while enjoying a cold beverage and some great food.

Any questions? Email us at spikesvolleyball@rogers.com