Drop In Volleyball



NEW 4’s League RULE Summer 2018!! You cannot Volley or Set a ball over the net.  Any ball that is volleyed and travels over the net is a dead ball and the point is awarded to the other team.  Any questions please contact Katie Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm

*Drop in space and time is determined on court availability, and is subject to change as the league night fills.  Please check out the Spike’s Volleyball group on Facebook for special times and promotions.

COED 4’s B Tuesday’s  @ 9pm-10:30pm (only 2 courts)
COED 4’s B Thursday’s @ 10pm-11:30pm

COED 4’s B Sunday’s @ 3:30pm-5pm –this Sunday June 24th we only have 3 courts


Cost is $9.50/Person.


 Purchase a 10 pass for $80.00.


Volleyball Etiquette: 

1. Please register for drop-in on the day of drop-in (after 6am)

2. You can only register for yourself.  Too many issues with people calling in for others and then they don’t show up.

3. We will only hold your spot for 10 minutes past the official start. Ex. Drop in begins at 3:30, you must arrive prior to 3:40 or anyone who may be waiting will be allowed to play in your place. If you might be late please call in!