Coed 6’s C League Rules

SPIKE’S “Recreational” 6’s “C-Level”-League Rules 
Note Do the following rules override anything that may be told to you by a SPIKE’S staff member? Yes
Note Is it the players responsibility to read all rules carefully and follow such rules? Yes
Note Captains are responsible for recording and verifying scores on scoresheets Yes
Note Any player who participates in a reckless manor runs the risk of suspension from game by Spike’s staff if the staff believe Yes
they could cause injury/damage to themselves/someone else/or the facility, one warning may or may not be given
Blocking Can a player block a serve? No
Attacking Can a player attack a serve? No
Blocking 1)Can a player break his wrists when contacting a ball on a block Yes*
*This is not allowed in any other league at SPIKE’S
Blocking 2)On defense, can a defender reach over the net and contact ball before the attacker? No
Default Number of players needed to avoid default 4
Default Can we play with 2 males and 2 females? Yes
Default Can we play with 3 males and 2 females?  You can never have more guys than girls on the court at one time No
Default Can we play with 1 male  3-5  females? Yes
Default Can we play with 2 males  3-4  females? Yes
Default Can we play with 4 males and 1 or 2 females? No
Player Missing No longer applies rule has been abolished N/A
Lifts Do players call “lifts” tight? *
*-Obvious lifts must be called. If you grab it at your knees and throw it in the air, you should call the lift.
Net Infrac. Can A Player Go under or Touch the Net During Play? No
Passing Can a player returning a serve “bump” pass or volley it back over the net on first hit Yes
Players Maximum number of players on the court 6
How many “A” players are you allowed on your team and playing at one time? 0
Players How many “B” players are you allowed on your team and playing at one time? 2
*-You are allowed one “B” female and one “B” male on your team and playing at one time.
Eligibility If you play in the “B” leagues are you generally an “B” player? Yes
Playoffs How many games must a player play for our team during the regular season before they are eligible for playoffs? 6
Rosters Do all players’ names and signatures have to appear on the team roster Yes
Rosters Must they appear on the roster from the beginning of the season No*
* You can add players throughout the regular season but must have them on your roster before they play with you.
Screening Can you screen? No
Screening If you ask a player to move because he/she is screening, do they have to move? Yes
Serving Does a serve hitting/touching the net and landing fair count for the serving team? Yes
Serving Are jump serves allowed and are servers allowed one ball toss only? No*
*This is permitted in every other league at SPIKE’S
Serving Servers rotate after 5 serves Yes*
*Every other league at SPIKE’S do not rotate after 5 serves.
Serving You may serve anywhere along the back line within the sidelines Yes
Setting Does the defense have to play a set that travels over net and will land inbounds? Yes
Setting Do players call “sets” tight? No
Spares Can a player or spare play in the same night for another team whether it is in our league or a different league? No
Spares Can our spares play on our team and on a different team that plays on a different night? Yes
Spares Do we have to sign all spares at the beginning of the season? No
Spares Can we add a spare to our roster just before game time? Yes
Subbing in players Some players play with an extra player that subs in. A Legal substitution during a game is as follows.
during the game. 1) Two players sub in and out for each other for an entire game. The remaining 3 players are on for the entire game.
2) The whole team subs in and out individually after the serve.
In the event of an injury substitution, the injured player cannot return for the remainder of the existing game.
No extra players If there is noone to sub in, an injured player can return to the game in their same rotation when they are able.
No extra players They can only take themselves out of the game once. The 2nd time will result in the person sitting for the rest of the game.
Antennas The wooden dowels on the nets act as the antenna.  If a ball hits the wooden dowel (antenna) or travels outside the imaginary
line created by the wooden dowel (antenna) the ball is out of bounds.
Tipping Tipping Allowed? No
Volleys Can a player volley over the net without their feet planted firmly Yes*
* you can’t do this if you move to a competitive league
Volley/Setting Can you jump in the air and set a ball while your feet are off the ground? Yes
Jump Set If you jump in the air,set a ball and the ball goes over the net,is that allowed? Yes*
* you can’t do this if you move to a competitive league
Volleys Can You Volley a Serve or a ball crossing the net that is not hard driven? Yes
Volleys Is the net relevant to your shoulders when volleying a ball No
Volleys For balls volleyed over the net,  the ball must leave square to the volleyer’s shoulders& and feet must be planted firmly N/A*
* This is a competitive league rule
For balls volleyed that do not cross the net, squareness to shoulders and planting feet are not relevant
The Buzzer Once the buzzer sounds, if a ball is in play finish the play.  If one team is winning at the end of that play they are the winner
of the game.
If the score is tied after that play, one more serve (and only 1 more serve) is required to determine a winner because there can
be no tie games.