Covid-19 Information page

*Any information on this page could possibly be subject to change at any time based on the outlines put forth by the Health Unit.*

Assumption of Risk

Without a cure for Covid-19, there will always be risk of contracting the virus when participating in any public activity. We do strongly recommend that all players receive two doses of the recommended and approved Covid -19 vaccine. SPIKE’S does not cover insurance that covers pandemic diseases or contagions including Covid-19. 


The changes we have made to the facility, its policies and protocols are required for us to safely reopen. Your patience and understanding during this time, is greatly appreciated. Any person not complying with our new policies and protocols may be asked to leave immediately.

Be a team player-Wash your hands. Physical distance. Stay home if you do not feel well.

Do not share water bottles, tissue boxes etc.

Please discard any garbage in a garbage can provided or at home. Not on the courts, not on the floor, not in the parking lot. Ty 

Personal Hygiene

Please wash/sanitize your hands before leaving your vehicle.

There are many sanitizer stations within the facility for your use. But we do recommend you bring your own wipes and hand sanitizer too for additional protection if and when you feel you want and need it. 


  • The outdoor patio has been doubled in size to allow for current table spacing requirements. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed at every entrance and exit.
  • Additional signage has been put up to help educate players with respect to current changes and assist with the flow of people within the various areas.
  •  Your assistance is always greatly appreciated.  If you have any concerns regarding these requests, please send an email to  Thank you.


  • Please physical distance whenever and wherever possible.
  • Players are not permitted to deliberately physically contact each other on the court.
  • If a ball from another court comes onto your court, lightly kick it back to the other court. Do not pick up the ball and toss back.
  • The only ones allowed on the courts are the league players playing. No spectators. This includes children, adults and friends willing to flip scores.
  • Please refrain from high fives, low fives, and group hugs before, during and after games.
  • Do not shake hands with opposing teams after games but a verbal “Good game” after games is always welcome and recommended.
  • When the buzzer goes to end the match, please stop play as the match is over. If the score is tie when the buzzer goes, please finish off the point. Do not continue playing otherwise.  We need players to exit on time.

Lounge and Patio

  • Please sanitize your hands before entering the indoor lounge or outdoor patio.
  • Please physically distance whenever and wherever possible.
  • Do not leave children under 12 unattended.  

Facility shutdowns In Future.

  • If the government mandates another shutdown due to Covid-19, the Winter 2023 league session will be suspended immediately.   
  • The Winter 2023 season will resume where we left off when we are permitted to reopen.  
  • These restrictions mandated by various government bodies continue to put a strain on our viability as a business.  Our goal is to keep the doors open and keep all teams playing.