161 teams already registered for Summer! Don’t miss out!

League registration is going strong!  Here is what we have left at this time for spots as of April 24th!


Monday Coed 4’s B Div 2-2 spots; Coed 4’s B Div 1-2 spots; Coed 6’s B-2 spots

Tuesday Men’s B Div 1-2 spots; Men’s B Div 2-1 spot; Women’s B Div 1-2 spots; Women’s B Div 2-2 spots

Thursday Coed 4’s B Div 2-1 spot; Coed 6’s C-2 spots 

Sunday Coed 4’s B-4 spots; Coed 6’s B-3 spots; Coed 6’s C-3 spots