Winter 2022 leagues start Monday Jan 3,2022

Please forward this info to each and every player on your team. There are some changes to the way we will handle things in 2022 so please pass on this info.

Week 1 schedules online at . More weeks will be added next week.

New!Due to new Ontario Health Guidelines, effective Jan 3,2022, proof of vaccination with a QR code(Enhanced Vaccine Certificate) is required for guests from Ontario.

As of Jan 10,2022, we won’t be able to accept doctor’s notes for those with eligible medical exemptions. Speak to your doctor regarding obtaining a QR code for your medical exemption.

Paper or digital vaccine documents without a QR code will no longer be valid for entry.  Staff will be using the Verify Ontario app for entry into the facility.

New! The standard Covid questions will now be filled out at the facility to ensure all questions are being filled out by all players as and when required. There will no longer be an advance link for this along with the online schedules.

If new to the leagues, check out the “League nights-How does it all work” section of our website for some great info.

Please continue to be great teammates and players. If you don’t feel 100%, stay home. Wash and sterilize your hands before and after you play. Social distance on and off the courts.

Masks on unless your butt is seated at a lounge table(standing beside a table in lounge is not seated) or you are playing on a court(masks back on when you leave the court area).

Your cooperation, assistance, patience and understanding with these matters is greatly appreciated.

With any luck at all, we will get to play this season without any delay or interruption.