Proof of Identification and Double Vaccination starts Wednesday Sept 22,2021.

We strongly encourage you to read up on government guidelines regarding this requirement as soon as possible.

Showing up at the door with your proper identification and paper proof of double vaccination(or valid medical exemption) in hand will be much faster than using cell phones. Cell phone receipts are fine but will be much more time consuming for all involved.

Showing up just a few minutes earlier is not a bad call either.

SPIKE’s Player Online Covid Questionaire still required everyweek before entering the facility. No change to that. Link for this still found above website league schedules.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated. We will improve this process over time.

If you or your team members have any issues, any concerns or any questions regarding this email, please call me during the day during the week at SPIKE’S (519-673-6847).

If you don’t reach me, leave a message and we will call you back. Thanks. Earl.