First team to win 2 games wins the match. No time Limit.

Games go to 25 points(with a 27 point cap).

Winning teams circle their names on scoresheet and bring to front counter

Check the online league schedule to see if winning teams play more than one match in a night.

A “sub or spare player”(sub) is someone that has not paid to play on the team.

Using one or more subs during playoffs?  Please identify spare(s) to the other team and note the player(s) names down on the score sheet. Review the sub “eligibility” criteria below.

If using a sub for playoffs, to be eligible, that sub must

  • have played with your team at least in two matches during the regular season,
  • and have their name appear on your roster,
  • and be playing tonight for your team only. They cannot play for any another team tonight.

Let the other team know that you reviewed these eligibility rules above and whether your sub(s) are eligible or not. Only eligible subs can play!

If it comes to our attention that your team played with an ineligible sub, your team will forefeit those games.

Good luck. Have fun.Please put masks on as you are leaving the courts and use the sanitizer stations as you exit the court area. Please social distance with others while on the courts.