Update Jan 13th 2021

Good afternoon.

I am sure everyone by now has read the disappointing news provided by our Premier that the shutdown will continue for another month.  This has been and continues to be very tough financially on our small business…but we remain hopeful.


Our plan regarding the Fall 2020 and the Winter 2021 leagues.


As soon as we are allowed to resume operations, we will finish up the last week of the Fall 2020 league playoffs.

Immediately thereafter we will commence the Winter 2021 leagues.


We do not plan to extend the Winter 2021 league by more than one month. Therefore, your team will be entitled to some money or credit back for the fees you paid for Winter 2021. So far it is roughly one out of 4 months worth of league play. Your team can take a future credit, gift card or cash and we will handle all of this once we are allowed to reopen.


We just wanted to keep you all in the loop.


Please be safe and do your part to help get these covid numbers down. Together we can do this. Take care, Earl.